Truong Sa Islands – Spratly Islands


If you are looking for a chance to discover a beautiful marine Vietnam, the Spratly Islands surely can meet your demand. With the beauty of a marine area and a diverse fauna and flora, the islands is the most wonderful destination for those who are adventurous.

>>Truong Sa will become an attractive destination for tourists


Together with the famous Hoang Sa Islands, Truong Sa Islands or Spratly Islands is also an important islands located in the South China Sea of Vietnam. Its attraction is created by numerous coral and sand reefs as well as the pleasant climate all year round. 
Truong Sa Islands – Spratly Islands

From the 16th-18th century, the European from nations such as Portugal, the Netherlands, Britain and France had not realized the difference of Hoang Sa and Truong Sa Islands until the determinant of Kergariou Locmaria survey group in 1787 and 1788. Afterwards, the European admitted the difference and official names of these islands.


About travel guide, the islands was divided into 8 groups: Song Tu, Loai Ta, Thi Tu, Nam Yet, Sinh Ton, Truong Sa, Tham Hiem and Binh Nguyen with their own beauty of natural scenery and unforgettable images of a marine Vietnam.
Truong Sa Islands – Spratly Islands
Visiting the islands, visitors will see a various fauna and flora here that making a bio-diversity. The islands was estimated to have over 10000 species living along in Truong Sa area from the beautiful coral reef to the rare fish species as well as many other seafood like sea cucumbers, sea turtles, tuna, lobster, seaweed and snails with high nutritional values.

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