Explore Da Lat lighthouse

Da Lat lighthouse
Da Lat lighthouse

The 42m high Da Lat lighthouse is the highest among the nine lighthouses in Truong Sa Archipelago (Spratlys Islands) and also an amazing place to see in here. It was built in 1994. In the dry season, workers at the Da Lat lighthouse have to save every drop of water.

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About Da Lat lighthouse

The lighthouse is operated by East Sea and Island Maritime Safety Assurance Company.

Every 2-3 months, workers at Da Lat lighthouse receive food, water and basic necessities from the mainland.

Da Lat lighthouse
DaLat lighthouse

Da Lat is a coral reef, about 450 km from Cam Ranh Bay to northeast – southwest, with an area of nearly 10 km2. The lighthouse is nearly 1 nautical mile from the nearest naval station.

Workers of Da Lat lighthouse rarely have guests so they are very happy whenever receiving a guest boat.

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The attractions

Each shipment is usually dried food, medicine, frozen meat, and fresh water, fruit, and fresh vegetables – the most precious things on the island.

Da Lat lighthouse
DaLat lighthouse

Da Lat is a coral reef so there are many fish, shrimp, crabs and snails here, the daily sources of food for people on the reef.

Worker Vuong Van Hung said the biggest problem is the lack of fresh water and vegetables, especially in the dry season.