Tet greetings to Truong Sa soldiers by President Tran Dai Quang


President Tran Dai Quang on February 15 night talked and extended Tet (Lunar New Year) greetings, via a live TV programme, to officers and soldiers at 10 units under the Signal Arm, Dam Thuy Border Post in Trung Khanh district of northern Cao Bang province, and Song Tu Tay island of Truong Sa archipelago in the central province of Khanh Hoa.  

>>Prepare for Tet Holiday of Truong Sa soliders

President extends Tet greetings to Truong Sa soldiers

The State leader praised the Signal High Command for its achievements gained in all fields in 2017, especially efforts to ensure social security for local people and help them with poverty reduction and new-style rural building.

Expressing his delight at seeing officers, soldiers and people on Song Tu Tay island in the moment of transition between the old and new year, President Quang affirmed the Party, State and people nationwide always extend special sentiments towards officers, soldiers and people on the island.

President extends Tet greetings to Truong Sa soldiers via Bao Khanh Hoa

He spoke highly of the vigilance, readiness for combat and solidarity of officers, soldiers and people on the island, wishing them a happy new year with the fulfillment of the task of safeguarding the sacred sea and island of the nation.

Greeting officers and soldiers at the Dam Thuy Border Post on the Lunar New Year, the State leader wished they would exert every effort to overcome difficulties and continue doing well mass mobilisation work while coordinating closely with local authorities and people in ensuring border security and protecting national border sovereignty. 

He urged the Dam Thuy Border Post to work with forces of the neighbouring country to increase patrols to prevent criminals and build a border line of peace, stability, friendship and development.

About Truong Sa

Trường Sa is an island district of Khánh Hòa Province in the South Central Coast region of Vietnam. It was established on the basis of the Spratly Islands, which is also claimed wholly or in part by the Republic of China (Taiwan), the People’s Republic of China, the Philippines, Malaysia and Brunei. According to the 2009 census, the district has a population of 195 people.

Trường Sa District was established on the basis of small coral islands/cays, reefs and banks of the Spratly Islands which is 248 nautical miles away from Cam Ranh. As the islands contains a large number of scattered geographic entities, it is imaginatively divided into eight clusters including Song Tu, Thi Tu, Loai Ta, Nam Yet, Sinh Ton, Trường Sa, Tham Hiem and Binh Nguyen by Vietnam.

President extends Tet greetings to Truong Sa soldiers via Bao

The Spratlys are one of the major archipelagos in the South China Sea which complicate governance and economics in this part of Southeast Asia due to their location in strategic shipping lanes. The islands have no indigenous inhabitants, but offer rich fishing grounds and may contain significant oil and natural gas reserves and as such are important to the claimants in their attempts to establish international boundaries. Some of the islands have civilian settlements, but of the approximately 45 islands, cays, reefs and shoals that are occupied, all contain structures that are occupied by military forces from Malaysia, Taiwan (ROC), China (PRC), the Philippines and Vietnam. Additionally, Brunei has claimed an exclusive economic zone in the southeastern part of the Spratlys, which includes the Louisa Reef.

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